Are you a career driven professional who feels like life is passing you by?

Like everyone around you is settling down and you are worried that you are getting too old for the tinder game.

Perhaps you feel confused and doubtful that true love is for you and are starting to give up hope.

Yes, your job is going great and you are happy with what you have achieved so far but wish you had someone to share the good times with. That special person to holiday with, to laugh with, to hold your hand when the going gets tough, to cuddle on the sofa on a Saturday night and to go for Sunday brunch with. I know it feels depressing when you are the only one who’s life doesn’t seem to be moving forward and with every baby post, engagement photo and wedding invite it is becoming all the more obvious that you are expected to have met the one by now!!!

Have you ever thought:

  • I am too busy focused on my career to find love
  • People are intimidated by my success
  • I meet the same type of dates because all the good ones are gone
  • I am getting too old for love… they will want a younger version
  • I thought I would be settled down with kids by this age
  • Everyone nowadays is a commitment-phobe!

Well, me too.

In fact, I thought all those things only 18 months ago and I have just moved in with the most amazing man. This didn’t happen by accident I had to really look within myself and find my faith in love and now I want to help you! I believe in my methods so much that I quit my corporate, country manager job to help others find love in themselves and create a true, connected relationship. Throughout my 20’s I was in and out of toxic, unhealthy relationships and I had my fair share of commitment phobes. At the age of 29 I had just been dumped and felt totally exhausted with the whole process of finding “the one”. Why was I still single and nearly 30?! I had always imagined that I would settle down and meet someone, have kids and be a housewife but life had others plans and my career took off. I loved my life travelling the world and hitting my next promotion but it wasn’t enough, I really wanted to meet someone who could love me the way I had always wished. Well it is possible and by attending my workshops, speaking events, 8 week online group course or my bespoke 3 month "manifest your soulmate" intensive 121 programme I will show you how.

Yes you can have it all:

an amazing loving relationship and a great career.

In today’s society it is hard to believe that real love exists after all you can just swipe left or right to have instant access to the next match. I am here to prove to you and the world that true love does exist.

My intention is to help create a world where everyone believes in true love and won’t settle for anything less.

We are all unique and perfect just the way we are and it is possible to find the person who loves you for you. Come join me on the journey to long lasting love and bring back your faith in humanity and commitment.

Kelly's Bio...

Kelly is an Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker and Mentor helping her audience to find connected love in a disconnected world. She is a thought leader in the wellness and personal development space helping others to look for the answers within themselves. She believes that you can create the life of your dreams if you are willing to work with the universe. The answer to the PERFECT relationship is inside you and she will help you access it. 

Kelly hasn’t always worked in personal development, she was in recruitment for 8 years’ and worked her way up to a Country Manager position so knows how challenging a healthy work-life balance is. Now her life purpose and business helps you look within, develop your self love / self worth in order to manifest the partner and relationship you have always dreamt of. She is excited to meet you and help you on your journey !